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Our Mission: We provide innovative best-in-class software and services for integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the Internet, wireless telecommunications, mobile devices, GPS, satellite imagery, 3D visualization, and other location based information. We leverage these rapidly convergent communications and computing technologies (C3T) to improve functionality, reduce costs, and add value for our customers.

Our Vision: To enhance mankind's understanding of the Earth and its local, regional, and global geography by revolutionizing the integration, distribution, visualization, and analysis of spatial information.

Our Background: Telemorphic, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Berkeley, CA. We were founded in 2000 by Todd Helt and Andrew Waxman, two visionaries within the geospatial technologies industry. Their years of experience in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (RS/GIS) applications and software development, and core set of values, provided the foundation to create award winning products which provide seamless integration of GIS, image analysis/visualization tools, and enhanced geospatial technologies.

Our technologies are employed by a number of leading IT/GIS solutions integrators as key components of their geospatial solutions in a wide range of vertical markets to improve business processes through enhanced sharing, dissemination, visualization, and integration of geographic knowledge. Our software enables organizations as diverse as state and local governments, private sector companies, federal government agencies, and the defense/intelligence community to leverage the Internet and their intranets to more efficiently manage, share, and distribute maps, imagery, and other mission critical geographically referenced information throughout the enterprise and across organizations in a collaborative environment.