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All of our off-the-shelf software products contribute to the realization of our Vision... "To enhance mankind's understanding of the Earth and its local, regional, and global geography by revolutionizing the integration, distribution, visualization, and analysis of spatial information."

While thousands of consumers have been introduced to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), compelling geospatial content, and other geo-technologies through experience with our popular public access demos, all of our current product offerings were actually designed to meet the demanding requirements of mapping/GIS professionals and organizations whose business processes rely heavily on geospatial technologies. Typically our customers are federal, state, and local governments as well as private corporations, IT systems integrators, and GIS service providers.

We are currently exploring several exciting new opportunities for our technologies in the broader consumer markets - STAY TUNED!

Maplicity for ArcIMS MultiViewer for ArcGIS
MapImager for ArcGIS

Our products are designed to work seamlessly with ESRI's ArcGIS suite of desktop, server, and web service products as well as customizable with our API to work with any map server or web services.