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Maplicity Benefits

Expanded Functionality
with Improved Performance

Maplicity was designed to provide a full-featured desktop GIS user experience, including unique client-side interactive image processing and visualization tools, in a lightweight Web browser-based environment. Maplicity is a simple add-on installation to ESRI's ArcIMS, the industry leading Internet GIS server software. Maplicity adds powerful GIS and geographic imaging capabilities on the client-side, while simultaneously leveraging the robust server-side GIS and map rendering capabilities of ArcIMS. This hybrid client-server approach to Internet GIS greatly improves the performance, functionality, and the overall user experience for your customers. As a result, Maplicity and ArcIMS-powered Internet GIS deployments finally provide a viable substitute for some of the expensive desktop GIS licenses in your organization, as well as a means for your organization to conveniently and cost-effectively deliver geospatial technologies to a broader on-line audience.

Scalable User Interfaces, Enhanced Security
and Reduced Maintenance

Maplicity includes two lightweight desktop GIS-like Java applets (~335kb total) offering scalable user experiences ideal for the casual user as well as the GIS professional. Maplicity runs entirely within the client's Web browser so it does not require a bulky download or time consuming installation/configuration of a desktop GIS application. The applet deployment option also simplifies delivery of your Internet GIS since there is no "click thru" user interaction required to accept a signed certificate. Your users automatically benefit from the enhanced security measures built into the Java 2 platform. For additional security, HTTPS and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are also supported. The Maplicity applet deployment also means that each time the user accesses your Internet GIS, they automatically download the most current version of the software and map service. This minimizes the substantial organizational resources that are typically required for maintenance and technical support of desktop GIS applications.

Improved Accessibility and Compatibility

Write once, run anywhere! Maplicity products are built entirely with Java technology. As a result, the same compiled code is compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, and AOL browsers running on Windows, Unix, Linux, or Mac OS-X. A single interoperable codebase results in significant reductions in your costs for software development and maintenance. At the same time, Maplicity-derived applets or applications can be delivered to a broader, hardware/software independent audience, which results in a lower cost per user for your overall Internet GIS deployment. In organizations where an HTML client is required, the Maplicity web server license also includes MaplicityHTML, an enhanced HTML viewer for ArcIMS.

Affordable, Customizable, Expandable

Unlike most Internet GIS software on the market, Maplicity is licensed by the Web server (not by the CPU, processor speed, or application server). Unlimited downloads (users) are allowed from licensed Web servers. Unlimited map services or application servers are also allowed. Therefore, many organizations can deploy their entire Internet GIS using a single Maplicity Web server license for less than $5,000. Maplicity is also fully customizable and expandable with MaplicitySDK, our complete Java software developers. toolkit (Javadoc, 100+ Java classes, source code for the Maplicity applets, and Users' Guide). With MaplicitySDK, web developers can easily integrate any or all of the Maplicity functionality into their Internet GIS deployments. Maplicity Enterprise Edition further expands upon the base product to include collaborative GIS functionality such as session management, shapefile read and write, and data sharing, and also includes servlet code so that integrators can fully incorporate these capabilities into the enterprise.