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MapImager for ArcIMS

Maplicity™ offers powerful interactive mapping, image analysis, and visualization capabilities to an unlimited number of web browser users accessing an organization's Internet Geographic Information System (GIS). Designed as an affordable add-on to ESRI's ArcIMS™ map server solution, Maplicity incorporates our revolutionary client-server geographic imaging technology, MapImager™. Maplicity offers the simplest, most cost-effective way to extend desktop GIS and image analysis capabilities throughout any organization's intranet and/or to a larger audience via the Internet. Live demos here. Internet GIS solutions integrators, check out our complete Java API (MaplicitySDK).

Maplicity is a lightweight (335kb) Java™ applet designed to work with ArcIMS Map Services. It provides a feature rich familiar user interface for geospatial analysis and image visualization over the Internet.

"The Ultimate Web GIS"

Telemorphic Telemorphic

Maplicity can be deployed with either a professional or novice GUI (See images above) so that all users can be effective immediately. For more info, check out our Maplicity FAQ and our Maplicity brochure.


How can your organization benefit from Maplicity for ArcIMS?

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Maplicity Toolkit: MaplicitySDK™

MaplicitySDK™ is the complete software developer's toolkit for quickly and easily creating applets and applications with any or all of the functionality found in the default Maplicity applets. The MaplicitySDK brochure and MaplicitySDK FAQ explain how developers are able to build their own custom solutions.

Maplicity Enterprise™

Maplicity Enterprise™ builds upon MaplicitySDK and extends ArcIMS by enabling Collaborative Geographic Awareness. Users can save their graphics, and extent in sessions on the server. Sessions can be shared with other users or reviewed by managers. They can also create and download shapefiles, as well as upload and display local shapefiles. For more info, check out our Maplicity Enterprise brochure.

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