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Custom Application Development

We offer custom application development services related to the integration, distribution, visualization, and analysis of geospatial information. We also provide application development and integration services that leverage our award-winning technologies to deliver affordable, best-of-breed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and image analysis/visualization solutions designed to meet any customer's specific business requirements. Our engineering team possesses expertise in a broad range of software, toolkits, programming languages, and operating systems in addition to ESRI's complete geospatial product suite for the desktop, server, and web services. In addition, we offer expert technical support as well as hands-on solutions oriented training for our complete Maplicity, MapImager, MultiViewer and TopoMAX product lines.

Remote Sensing and GIS Consulting

Telemorphic also offers a variety of consulting services related to design, development, integration, and deployment of applications involving geospatial technologies and content. We draw on our years of hands-on integration experience with remote sensing and GIS data and applications to insure our clients get the most value out of their investment in geospatial technologies.

Example: David Rumsey Collection Internet GIS

Click here for full-size imageThe David Rumsey Collection Internet GIS is an example of our ability to create complete turnkey solutions that incorporate unique web mapping, GIS, and geospatial visualization functionality, combined with our capabilities for aggregating and integrating a wide range of geospatial content to meet a customer's requirements. Historical maps, modern maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, GIS vector layers, and other spatial information are most relevant when two or more layers can be viewed simultaneously in their geographic context for interactive comparison as overlays, and/or side-by-side in a linked viewer environment. This allows web browser-based users to visualize and analyze differences in the maps or images, which is particularly useful for investigating changes in the landscape over time. We were able to quickly and cost-effectively meet these requirements for web geospatial visualization thru customization built upon our lightweight (350kb) off-the-shelf product, Maplicity for ArcIMS. We also created the comprehensive geospatial databases required for powering the Internet GIS, to include precision georeferencing of over 250 historical maps, aggregation of other geospatial content (modern maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and GIS vector datasets), and integration of this geospatial content to create ten (10) Internet GIS sites representing major metro areas in the U.S. and Japan. This solution has received numerous awards and recognition, and is widely recognized as one of the most compelling mapping and GIS applications on the Internet. [Live demo]

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