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Soil Survey Geographic Database Updating at USDA-NRCS

Click for full-size imageThe U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) has the responsibility for creating and maintaining the Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) database. SSURGO provides important baseline soils information for a wide range of agri-businesses, from the producers (farmers and farm corporations) to the agricultural input providers (ag chemicals and seed suppliers). Characteristics such as soil texture, organic matter content, and drainage are key factors in determining what crops are most suitable for certain areas, as well as what are the appropriate types and application rates for seed, fertilizer, herbicide, etc. Local branches of government agencies involved in agricultural economics, extension services, and environmental health (USDA, EPA, State/County DNR) also use SSURGO to help determine what local management practices should be encouraged for long term sustainable agriculture while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. NRCS offices in six different states currently use recent aerial photography and Telemorphic's MapImager for ArcGIS to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of creating and updating the SSURGO database.

On-Line Agricultural Information System for
Pixxures, Inc. and Resource21, LLC.

Click for full-size imagePixxures, Inc., a leading provider of on-line access to satellite imagery and high resolution aerial photography archives, required a high performance, easy-to-use web enabled application to support interactive imagery analysis and GIS functionality as part of an on-line enterprise agricultural information system (AgriTrax™ by Resource21). Telemorphic's revolutionary Maplicity technology provided a very lightweight (260kb) application that integrated seamlessly with Pixxures' WebPix™ image delivery system, thereby providing instant on-line access to nationwide high resolution imagery for agricultural dealers (seed providers, ag chemical providers, corporate producers, crop consultants, crop insurance adjusters) enabling them to quickly and easily find and/or order imagery for customers' fields, draw/edit field boundaries and exclusion areas based on the detailed imagery, calculate accurate measurements of the fields, download/upload GIS format data, print/save custom maps and reports, and even conduct analysis of the site specific conditions within fields based on crop vigor, nitrogen stress, soil moisture, and estimated yield maps.

Forest Management for DuPage County, IL

Click for full-size imageEffective forest management in densely populated areas requires the capability to rapidly create and disseminate maps, imagery, and management plans between a number of interested parties including resource managers, foresters, local government departments, and field crews. The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County (FPDDC) uses Maplicity as part of their regular forest management activities. Maplicity enables FPDDC to distribute easy-to-use, yet powerful interactive web mapping capabilities throughout the county. Maplicity bolted right onto FPDDC's enterprise IT architecture to extend advanced map tools including interactive graphics markup (redlining), custom map creation, imagery change comparison, and many others to FPDDC staff at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, and saving FPDDC approximately 30 hours of staff labor each month.