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GeoServer® — Net-Centric System for Geospatial Dissemination and Exploitation

Click for full-size imageDefense and Intelligence mission requirements demand instant access to geospatial information by distributed teams of resource managers, intel analysts, field operatives, and warfighters...anytime, anywhere. GeoServer®, by Photon Research Associates (PRA) provides the solution. GeoServer® is a web centric system used to broker, archive, discover, exploit and disseminate geospatial information and analysis tools, `using a scalable client-server model to provide instant access to integrated raster and vector geospatial data using a browser interface. PRA's engineering and software development team were able to quickly and easily create GeoServer using MaplicitySDK™, Telemorphic's complete Java API for developing lightweight yet powerful net-centric geospatial solutions. GeoServer Brochure (PDF)

Web GIS & Satellite Image Visualization System for the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

Click for full-size imageThe Web GIS & Satellite Image Visualization System, created and hosted by Telemorphic, provides web based public access to declassified U.S Government maps and imagery for the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, delivered complete with easy-to-use, lightweight, yet powerful image exploitation and GIS functionality. While Defense & Intelligence Community "end customers" (typically warfighters and field operatives) in theory have 24/7/365 access to these maps and imagery through official government channels, this doesn't always happen in the "real-world" due to chain-of-command & bureaucracy issues (red tape), as well as legitimate security concerns or IT/system admin restrictions. Nor does such data access always include the web tools to make effective use of the maps & imagery. The Maplicity-powered system includes simple web tools enabling fast navigation of seamless imagery and vector data, interactive image visualizations and GIS analyses, and map or image redlining/markup to create, download, print, and/or share custom maps. Originally intended simply as a demo of Maplicity, Telemorphic's commercial off-the-shelf software for supporting net-centric geospatial intelligence, this high interest public access system supports thousands of users in defense & intelligence.

Nellis Air Force Base Environmental Management Application
for EcoLogic Systems

Click for full-size imageOccupational health and safety at military facilities is an important element of long term continuity of operations and mission readiness at the U.S Department of Defense (DoD). Ecologic Systems' ADAM environmental management software helps military bases (as well as property management firms, school districts, colleges, and corporations) manage all of their facilities' asbestos, lead paint, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) information and thereby comply with DoD, EPA and OSHA requirements. Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) has an accurate and comprehensive Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) resulting from the USAF's GeoBase program. Telemorphic's MaplicityJSP was used to seamlessly integrate GeoBase and ADAM to allow Nellis AFB's facility management and regulatory personnel to generate interactive maps, custom queries, and on-demand reports related to asbestos, lead paint, and air quality via an easy-to-use web browser map interface.

Innovative Geospatial Tools for the Defense/Intel Community

Click for full-size imageThere are literally hundreds of geospatial software tools available to the various U.S. Government agencies that make up the Defense and Intelligence Community. Telemorphic's customers in this space include the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and others.

So what sets our software apart from the plethora of tools available to these customers?