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On-Line Parcel Conditions and Permit History Application for
the City of Berkeley, CA

Click for full-size image Many business processes within local governments depend on map-based reports of parcel conditions and permit history. For example, building inspectors in planning/engineering departments rely on these reports for important pre-site inspection information about a particular structure, such as fire hazard, earthquake, and flood zone regulatory status. The City of Berkeley (COB) Parcel Conditions and Permit History Application (aka "Parcel Popper") enables staff from any department to quickly generate and print these reports for any parcel in the city. The application is built with MaplicityJSP, which is both a seamless fit within COB's existing IT infrastructure and enterprise GIS (ArcIMS, ArcSDE, MS-SQL), and also permits the City's GIS/IT staff to maintain and/or modify the app using standard JSP and the MaplicityJSP codebase. The City's IT Department has since modified the original application to create six (6) additional variants of the app which streamline other specific business processes within the Planning, Engineering, and Public Works Departments, as well as a public web accessible version of the original application. The MaplicityJSP application and its derivatives save the City approximately 40 staff hours each month.

On-Line Parcel Notifier Application for the
City of Berkeley, CA

Click for full-size image Most local governments in the United States are required by law to provide official letters of notification to their citizens regarding any permit applications which may have an impact on the citizen's property or residence. The City of Berkeley is required to notify all owners, occupants, and community organizations within 300' of the permit application subject's parcel boundary. Telemorphic delivered an enhanced Parcel Notifier application that leveraged the City's existing IT infrastructure and enterprise GIS (Java, JSP, ArcGIS, ArcIMS, SDE) to provide a cost-effective solution that is accurate, easy-to-use, and network accessible to the various city government departments for this very common business requirement of notifying effected citizens related to construction, zoning, permitting, etc. The Parcel Notifier allowed the City to improve the accuracy of notification, while at the same time automating this business process and saving the City an average of 2 staff hours on every permit application, for a total of approximately 300 staff hours annually. ArcIMS Implementation at the City of Berkeley (PDF)