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Marine and Coastal Resources

Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN)
for Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Click for full-size imageMore than 40 institutions and organizations in the greater Monterey Bay area are currently examining various aspects of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, an internationally recognized location for marine research, resource management, and policy. Marine research conducted in the sanctuary includes long-term monitoring programs that are essential to furthering understanding and determining the health of the marine ecosystem. The Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) enables researchers to monitor the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary effectively by integrating the existing monitoring programs, and making the data available to managers, decision makers, the research community, and the general public. SIMoN uses Telemorphic's MaplicityJSP and ESRI's ArcIMS as their Internet Geographic Information System (GIS) for disseminating geospatial content to their customers and constituents.

Tampa Bay Estuary Imagery System for Florida Marine Research Institute

Click for full-size imageSeagrass provides an important indicator of environmental health in bays and estuaries. In August 2000, a Seagrass Management Symposium brought over 70 resource managers and researchers together to discuss status and trends of seagrass and water quality in Florida estuaries. A top priority identified by these experts was improved access to digital data for historic and current seagrass extent and an archive for photographs and maps. To address this information requirement, a consortium of federal and state government organizations teamed to produce a website providing on-line access to multiple years of aerial photography (1926-2002) and digital maps for the Tampa Bay region. The resulting Tampa Bay Estuary Imagery System enables researchers to conduct interactive visual evaluations of study sites, assess trends in benthic habitats and coastal landuse/landcover, and create/print/download custom images and maps. The site also provides an on-line geospatial reference for coastal development through recent history available to both researchers and the general public. The system is powered by Telemorphic's Maplicity and ESRI's ArcIMS.