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Interactive Aerial Imagery Comparison Tools
for GlobeXplorer, LLC.

Click for more information.  (Opens a new window)Satellite imagery and aerial photography offer real estate professionals additional sources of information about property that can improve their business processes. Current overhead imagery can reveal local landscape and neighborhood dynamics not depicted on conventional maps, MLS property listings, or even during on-site visits to properties. Historical imagery also provides insights into what was there before, which is of particular interest related to commercial real estate transactions and identification of potential liability concerns. GlobeXplorer, a subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corporation (NYSE-STC), is the leading on-line provider of satellite and aerial imagery for the real estate information services industry (as well as other markets). GlobeXplorer uses MapImager™ (by Telemorphic) to make it fast and easy for their ImageConnect customers to conduct interactive comparisons of multiple dates of satellite imagery, aerial photos, and maps in the popular ESRI desktop mapping/GIS environment. Read more

On-Line Aerial Studio for Landiscor Aerial Information, Inc.

Click here for full-size imageDetailed, up-to-date aerial imagery is of considerable value to real estate professionals, land developers, and planners. Landiscor, a leading provider of aerial imagery, required a web based system that allowed its sales staff, as well as end customers, to quickly and easily access the company's vast archives of imagery and other map information in order to create custom maps for regions of interest, potential development sites, etc. Telemorphic leveraged it's MaplicitySDK to create Landiscor's Aerial Studio, a custom Maplicity-based solution that addressed their specific business requirements for on-line geospatial technology. Aerial Studio is a lightweight (450kb) applet that communicates with Pixxures' WebPix image server technology. Aerial Studio provides any web browser user with access to Landiscor's massive archives of multi-date high resolution imagery, as well as nationwide coverage for other imagery and map archives such as those from the federal government (USGS) and commercial geospatial web services (ArcWeb Services). Aerial Studio allows the on-line user to create and order their own custom image prints in a matter of minutes, complete with interactive, user-defined graphics, text labels, notes, logos, digital photos, and more. It also includes basic GIS tools such as navigation/search, measure distance, measure area, and buffer. The user can then save the custom maps for future editing, and/or place an order for large format prints or high resolution download of the digital files within minutes. Aerial Studio was fully integrated into Landiscor's eNavigator on-line fulfillment and e-commerce system. Previously, such custom map orders required specialized desktop GIS software and training, as well as extensive consultation with a Landiscor customer service representative. As a result, Landiscor greatly reduced it costs of fulfillment, while at the same time expanding it potential customer base to anyone with web access.