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Banda Aceh (Tsunami)

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Fallujah, Iraq

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Introducing MapImager On-Line™

MapImager On-Line™ from Telemorphic, Inc. makes it fast, easy, and intuitive for an unlimited number of visitors to your organization's website to perform real-time comparisons of high resolution imagery and/or maps. Works great for intranet internal use as well. Read more...

Here are several examples for Fallujah, Iraq before and after Operation Phantom Fury with satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe.

Kost Bridge, WestKost Bridge, EastSports Field, CentralIndustrial Park, South


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Java: JRE 1.3.1 or later. (Should install automatically. If there are any problems, you can visit Sun's Java pages at for an alternate automated installer.)

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DigitalGlobe, Inc. - © 2004, all rights reserved.

Usage Guidelines:

Images from MapImager On-Line and/or this website may be published electronically, in hardcopy or in broadcast as long as credit is conspicuously provided to "Telemorphic" and the appropriate data source(s).

For print, presentation and Web materials: Credit to DigitalGlobe and Telemorphic must appear next to or beneath the photo.

For broadcast: Credit to DigitalGlobe and Telemorphic must appear on-screen throughout the entire air-time.

Additionally, if the products are referenced verbally during the program, they must be verbally attributed to DigitalGlobe and Telemorphic.

Any usage of MapImager On-Line or the images other than that specifically described above requires the permission of Telemorphic and DigitalGlobe.

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