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Product Comparison

Telemorphic Product Comparison Table

  MaplicityHTML Maplicity MaplicitySDK w/ MaplicityJSP Maplicity Enterprise
Zoom to Point X X X X
Zoom to Scale X X X X
Provide Vector Download Support with ExtractServer X X X X
Create Printable Map X X X X
Re-order Layers in Map Service   X X X
Edit Layer Legend   X X X
Label Features in Layer   X X X
Add Editable Graphics and Annotations to Map   X X X
Dynamically compare 2 Image Layers   X X X
Save Image Analysis Results with a World File   X X X
Build and deploy custom Java solutions     X X1
Customize look, feel and branding   X1 X X1
Support Collaborative Geographic Awareness (includes session management, shapefile creation and download, shapefile upload and display.)       X
Cost2: FREE with Purchase of Maplicity or MaplicitySDK

$2,500 / $5,000 USD3


One year of Upgrade Support included with initial purchase of Maplicity.
Annual maintenance fee: $1,000 USD
Technical Support including custom development services is provided at an hourly rate. For more info contact us. Prices subject to change and do not include shipping or applicable taxes.

1 Requires a MaplicitySDK license.
2 Contact us for Application Service Provider (ASP) license pricing.
3 $5,000 standard pricing. $2,500 special pricing available for small local government, non-profit and educational customers
4 A MaplicitySDK license is for a single location, and includes a development license of Maplicity. Deployment of derived products to additional web servers require an additional Maplicity license per web server.

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Orders for products may be placed by phone, fax, or authorized purchase order. We accept the following methods of payment: check, Visa, or MasterCard. Call or contact us for a price quote today.